Bunchy Purse

Bunchy Purse
I'm selling this purse on eBay because I need the cash, so feel free to bid!
Only 2 days left; auction ends on Saturday at 8PM, give or
take like 3 minutes.

(Feel free to delete this if it is against regulation in any way or is unwanted)
Vajello redhead


It's been awhile, so here we go...

Rest your cheek, for a moment,
on this drunken cheek.
Let me forget the war and cruelty inside myself.
I hold these silver coins in my hand;
give me Your wine of golden light.
You have opened the seven doors of heaven;
now lay Your hand generously on my tightened heart.
All I have to offer is this illusion, my self.
Give it a nickname at least that is real.
Only you can restore what You have broken;
help my broken head.
Im not asking for some sweet pistachio candy,
but Your everlasting love.
Fifty times Ive said,
"Heart, stop hunting and step into this net."

-- Kabir Helminski
"Love is a Stranger"
Threshold Books, 1993

Have a good week, people.
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B'day Cake

It's been an age since I posted here - hell, it's been an age since ANYONE posted here - but I need some help. My birthday is Sunday, and I am looking for a really good spice cake recipe, preferably for a bundt pan, or adaptable to one. I have a pan that makes a cake that looks like a rose! It's very cool. Anyway, I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer.
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Mom's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there - you know who you are.
This is such a bittersweet holiday for me; my mom's been gone almost 5 years now, and it just doesn't seem to hurt any less.
Well, with any luck, the weather will stay decent, and we'll get to ride in the annual Mother's Day poker run (and Will is riding the Wide Glide now, and looks so awesome on it!). The temps will be fine; it's finally in the mid 70s. It's the "isolated storms" that worry me. Ah well, Mother Nature will do what She Will, no use whining about it.
Here's to all us Mothers!
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Yep, it's all about MeMe

Discordian Archive meme
Go back into your LiveJournal to the 23rd post you made.
Then copy the 5th line of that post.
Post that line with these directions.

Ah, ancient history...

"Other than that, it's been quiet, and I like that, because I know it"
The next line was "never lasts".
As we all know, in my life, that is SO so true.

On the other hand, life IS very good today.
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My kid's a "real"adult now!

Well, Will's all moved in to his first house - it's so awesome; he's got a great view, and the whole place is solid and really pretty nice, and I'm so proud of him I could bust.
And we went to see Godsmack together Sunday night down in Wheeling (W.Va.), and had an absolute blast. The band was amazing.
Gods, I am SO grateful that my son and I are friends. He has grown up so well, and I really can't take credit for all of it, nor would I try - he's just a really terrific person.
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Ghazal 2155

Seemed like time for some Rumi - and for me, at least, it's incredibly appropriate...

How does a part of the world leave the world?
How can wetness leave water?

Don't try to put out a fire
by throwing on more fire!
Don't wash a wound with blood!

No matter how fast you run,
your shadow more than keeps up.
Sometimes, it's in front!

Only full, overhead sun
diminishes your shadow.

But that shadow has been serving you!
What hurts you, blesses you.
Darkness is your candle.
Your boundaries are your quest.

I can explain this, but it would break
the glass cover on your heart,
and there's no fixing that.

You must have shadow and light source both.
Listen, and lay your head under the tree of awe.

When from that tree, feathers and wings sprout
on you, be quieter than a dove.
Don't open your mouth for even a cooooooo.

When a frog slips into the water, the snake
cannot get it. Then the frog climbs back out
and croaks, and the snake moves toward him again.

Even if the frog learned to hiss, still the snake
would hear through the hiss the information
he needed, the frog voice underneath.

But if the frog could be completely silent,
then the snake would go back to sleeping,
and the frog could reach the barley.

The soul lives there in the silent breath.

And that grain of barley is such that,
when you put it in the ground,
it grows.
Are these enough words,
or shall I squeeze more juice from this?
Who am I, my friend?

-- Version by Coleman Barks
"The Essential Rumi"
Castle Books, 1997
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I'll be damned...

It's amazing what ending up with one's head hanging over the edge of a sofa can do for one's painful neck...
It didn't start hurting until about an hour ago, and that, my friends, is almost a miracle!
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Page 23, line 5

Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 23, find line 5. Write down what it says, along with this sentence, and post it in your journal.

"Chieftain, to conserve supplies - she had spent the night here"