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Sea Creatures...


  • Finish sauce for dinner tomorrow.

  • Bribe anyone for a foot rub.

  • Remind myself that PMS only happens one or two days a month, and it will pass.

  • Snug my pig.

I don't so much mind bleeding like a stuck pig for five days a month, sometimes in fact, I enjoy it. Being the creepy Scorpio I am, I often find bleeding to be very satisfying, making art with it, or just noticing how cool it is to bleed SO much and not die.

However, I hate the one or two days that my boobs ache, and I hate myself, my life, everything hurts and I just want to die and/or sleep, oh and I get annoyingly (is that a word?) insecure, bothering my boy about everything, my ass, my face, do you love me, you sure? Positive? Really? Why? Oh really? Why? Huh? Tell me more! He of course, is totally patient and supportive, trusting, loyal and sweet.

Ok. Shut up, go on....
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